Texas Strong Small Business Foundation

Texas Strong Small Business

The Texas Strong Small Business Foundation (TSSBF) has given an initial $20,000 grant to small businesses in Texas, affected by the Covid-19 shut down.

To help local, small businesses, donate here.

The initial grant of $20,000 will come out of funds in the TSSBF budget originally donated by Federal American Grill. Your donations to TSSBF will be added to that amount. Every dollar donated will go directly to local, small businesses to help them maintain employees and pay rent and bills during this devastating time.

“Our hearts go out to everyone in Texas who has been affected by this shut down. We appreciate the generosity of our donors, who will allow us to offer assistance to those most in need,” says TSSBF Board Chair Matt Brice.

The first recipients of the initial grants are 3 local business owners (100 employees or less). TSSBF is in a strong position to help the people in Texas who need it the most.

Texas Strong Small Business Foundation